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When it comes to sexual toys, you really are only limited by your imagination. Whatever turns you on - whatever allows you to bring you and your spouse pleasure - is what you should incorporate into your lovemaking. As a Christian sex toy shop, we are committed to the couples that we serve; to providing them with the resources for achieving a more dynamic sexual life together. Our sexual aids help to empower couples to make their sex life everything that they envision.

The toys on this page are a collection of our popular products - from our Pelvic Floor Strengtheners, Kegel exercisers, Senso Pleasure Sleeve and Bendy Beads to the Prostate and G Spot Massager and Super Head Honcho Pleasure Sleeve. If you can imagine it, you can find it here at Covenant Spice. Of course, in addition to our high quality products, we also provide our couples with a commitment to privacy. To that end, all of our products are shipped in plain packaging.

Thank you for visiting Covenant Spice! In addition to the products on this page, we also have an enormous - and affordable - selection of Christian sexual aids throughout our website. Be sure to browse our selection and get to know each other on a much deeper level.

With sex toys, price and quality go hand in hand. There are premium, high quality, more expensive products or there are cheaply made and cheaply priced. We carry both types so that you can find something to fit your budget. Trying something new? Get a cheap one and see if you like it. Want something that will last and provide great results every time? Invest.



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