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Comfort Pheromone Powdery Bust Lotion

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LOVE IN LUXURY Bath & Body items feature the Moroccan Fusion Fragrance: A medley of exotic mangosteen, acai berry & sweet musk, tickled with crisp coconut & red currant and enhanced by a whisper of white lily. Infused with a high-grade European Pheromone sex attractant to enhance sex appeal.

Comfort Pheromone Powdery Bust Lotion


Unique Breast Moisture Relief… Apply as a Lotion… Dries to Powdery Silk! Designed to Assist with Moisture Control, Minimize Chafing & Provide Freshness. Vitamins B5, A & E to Nourish Bust & Décolleté Skin. Light, Tapioca Starch Allows for Comfort from Chafing Plus Helps with Moisture Absorption. Vitamin E to Soothe Skin and Help Alleviate Irritation & Relax Itch



· Formulated to keep skin feeling fresh and dry; prevents the uncomfortable feelings caused by perspiration

· Intended to assist with moisture control, minimize chaffing, and provide freshness

· Tapioca Starch provides a luxuriously soft feeling to the skin, while keeping the skin soft and supple

· Vitamin E to soothe skin and alleviate irritation


SUGGESTED USE: Topically apply to intimate areas for a fresh dry feeling, under breast, inner thighs, etc.



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