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New Products For December - Intimacy Aids

Some couples may feel as though there is a taboo when it comes to shopping for sexual aids; but in a committed, healthy, Christian marriage, sex is just one of the ways in which your love and connection can be expressed. Through this website, we are able to offer couples - just like you - access to fun, high-quality sexual aids that will allow you to fully express the love and commitment that you share. We consider ourselves a powerful vehicle for better exploring Christian intimacy; providing our couples with a resource for sex toys that are relationship focused so that you can better connect, better communicate and better enjoy lovemaking.

If you are a Christian, lingerie, sex toys and other sexual products may have previously seemed out of reach because of the stores and websites where you would have to go to make a purchase; many of which are uncomfortable to visit. Our website is meant to make the purchase of Christian sexual aids comfortable for married couples; something that you can do together from the privacy of your own home. A healthy sexual relationship is a part of a healthy marriage; it's important to enjoy each other in the bedroom just as much as you do in other areas of your relationship. As a Christian sex toy shop, we make it fun, safe and affordable to take your sexual exploration to the next level.

There is no nudity or models on our site or on any of our packaging. All orders are shipped in plain boxes and your privacy is completely protected. Browse our site where you'll find everything from erotic massage products and toys to games and books. Grab your spouse and get ready to spice things up! Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Covenant Spice.
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