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The beauty of sex is not just the act itself but the many ways in which you can express your love and passion for each other. Our Sensual Sets offer a wonderful way to do just that; giving you the freedom to fulfill your fantasies within a loving and committed marriage. The products on the following pages - from our Booty Parlor Bath Kitten Kit and Chocolate Pleasures Kit to our Deluxe Striptease Collection and Red Hots Scorching Sex Kit - will speak to the sex life you have always envisioned. If you’re new to our site - or new to Christian sexual aids - our products are also sure to give you some great ideas!

Marriage does not have to equate to a sex life gone stale. The power to keep things fun and fresh is completely in your hands as a couple. As a Christian sex toy shop and romance site, Covenant Spice is committed to helping couples just like you explore their sexuality in the privacy of their own home.

To that end, all of our products are shipped in plain packaging. We want you to be comfortable shopping with us and protecting your privacy is an important part of that. We invite you to browse our Sensual Sets on the following pages and take a look at the other pages of our website!

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